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The Maple Tree School is registered with the Islamabad Education Board. Located in G-15/4 Islamabad, ICT. Established on Feb, 9th 2017 with an ambition to inculcate the most fundamental values of life i.e. honesty, pride, morality, faith, hope, love, empathy, respect etc. in young minds by following the best practices. We at The TMTS will endeavor to create bright and creative leaders of tomorrow by revolutionizing the existing learning process and helping students become better human beings.

We prepare our pupils to be intuitive, creative individuals and LEADERS of tomorrow who will be capable to meet the challenges of the modern world. The venture is aimed at providing an adaptive environment through the development of talented, highly skilled and motivated staff, effective governance, management and leadership and beneficial collaboration with other institutions internationally.

The Maple Tree aims to provide quality education to the students, by teaching them the most crucial lessons of life. Here at TMTS, we strive for excellence through effective management, quality training and interactive ways of teaching, in order to bring benefit to our students, the community, and the wider world.

The Maple Tree is imparting quality education to its students, on most modern and scientific lines, in an environment of mutual respect and dignity in order to groom them into good human beings, who are competent enough to handle challenges of future life, with ultimate confidence.

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    Visit Us: The Maple Tree School, House 295, Street 16, G-15/4 Islamabad, Pakistan.

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    +92-51-230 4767


    Email: we@themapletree.pk
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