Aims and Objectives

The Maple Tree aims at imparting quality education to its students, on most modern and scientific lines, in an environment of mutual respect and dignity in order to groom them into good human beings, which are competent enough to handle challenges of future life, with confidence.

No education system can flourish in the vacuum. It must have its roots in its soil. We are quite conscious of the importance of our religion, ideology, conventions, traditions, moral values and cultural heritage. The Maple Tree would function within our social compulsions and religious teachings with a desire to groom new generation into good Muslims and patriotic citizens of Pakistan. Having this in mind we wish to achieve the following objectives: To keep fundamentals of Islam as the basis of our values and ideology. Quality education on modern and scientific lines with special reference to science and information technology. Preparing students as amiable and confident members of society. To develop the sense of self-respect and mutual respect among the colleagues.

We prepare our students to be professional, creative individuals and LEADERS of tomorrow who will be capable to meet the challenges of the modern world. The venture is aimed at providing an adaptive environment through the development of talented, highly skilled and motivated staff, effective governance, management, and leadership and beneficial collaboration with other institutions internationally.

TMTS is unique as it evolves around a vision: Our Belief: “Sharing is the essence of the human relationship.” Our Ideals: “Learning to know, Learning to be, learning to do and Learning to live together.” Our Commitment: “Each One, Teach One. Each one, Empower One.” Our Slogan: “Pakistan our Pride! Pakistan our Identity! Fly High” Our Curriculum Doctrine: Promoting Knowledge, Skills, and Values through 3 E’s: Exposure, Expansion and Exploration.

TMTS aims to provide quality education to the students, by teaching them the most crucial lessons of life. Here at The Maple Tree, we strive for excellence through effective management, quality training and interactive ways of teaching, in order to bring benefit to our students, the community, and the wider world.

The system is aimed at preparing young minds to understand, contribute succeed and play a productive role in a rapidly changing society. Having a lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge, we enable our students to better understand the world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

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