Student Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct details The Maple Tree School Systems’ policy about appropriate student behavior, as well as procedures for disciplinary action. The Code is designed to emphasize the importance of creating safe, welcoming school environment that supports student learning.

In addition to describing disciplinary steps that school administrators may take, the Code of Conduct also creates new policies designed to address certain types of disruptive text messaging and prevent bullying. Individual schools also adopt codes of conduct that students must follow.

Updated in June 2017 with help from students and parents, TMTS Code of Conduct emphasizes the importance of giving all students the opportunity to make academic progress by strengthening a tiered system of progressive discipline and student support.

The new revision gives students the opportunity to make academic progress during suspensions and expulsions and provides due process for students facing potential suspension or expulsion. The Maple Tree is committed to reexamining the Code of Conduct every few years.

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